Monday, December 17, 2012

StarCrossed Lover

Wish full thinking, you and I are destiny,
Wish full thinking backfired,
As you and I are star crossed lover..
Loving you is asphixiating
Loved by you is intoxicating

They way you make me feel when im with you
Every kisses,every laughter, oh I miss you
Don't cut me out I just wanna be around

If you trust yourself,you can trust me
I will give you space you need
Just don't tell me to leave
You stole my heart you thief!

Do u feel the burden that I carry within
To be the second and always be hidden
To be the dreams and not real

Heart and mind that couldn't synchronize
One telling it's wrong and such a foul
While the other yearning and burning for more

This forbidden love should not take place
My mind disgrace while my heart embrace

I'll keep on playing the waiting games
Even you are not here with me
Because one day I'll be the place you call home

I wish I have strength to build a tower so tall
Lock my self within without a window at all
So that one day I won't see you around
End to this bonding that never can be bound.

From Mai for him.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

will my heart or will my mind

will my heart or will my mind
spoke the truth for me this time
as i wonder how u doing
cause im not doing fine

I stay at most night
just to keep myself straight
somehow it hurts me bad
just to see u act like nothings going round instead

will my heart or will my mind
win this epic war this time?
it could be wrong but it could be right
to keep on trying so you can be mine

but the fact that I love you
can never be change
as my mind spell out your name
while my heart beating in vain

will my heart or will my mind
shall I listen this time?
seems like it doesn't matter anymore
since I couldn't make you mine.


The moment you know are things i fear in my life
it will change everything onward and everything will never be the same
i should lie to myself just like the other did
cause none of us deserve this

no one taught me i will always get everything i want
but never thought it works for someone i need
someone who there for me at my worst and best
someone i fall in love with

now that you know it makes me wonder will u stay or will u go
cause i know only miracles will save me this time
and im praying at my best it will be now
cause watching u leave are nothing tragedy at it's best
 just like a butterfly in a hurricane

if there's a word to describe this i would already told ya
but i guess human are limited after all
trying my best to be the right person for you
i guess it's impossible to become one yet
maybe not here, maybe not now

i'll do anything to keep you stay
until a man limit will  redefine
stay and you will never regret
leave and i will never forget

Sunday, October 28, 2012

RM 1 billion to be achieved

Salam and hello to all reader. if i had any actually. haha!

i got this formula to make 1 million ringgit in some time. well to be honest there is no such secret or magic that gonna make it happen. just pure hard work and brain work.

to make it simple lets start the calculation now..
to be honest this is how i set my goal for better living.

actually this concept i learn from how computer engineering people develop the memory of a computer. same size but the capacity of the memory increase through time. few decades ago a pendrive or thumbdrive might only can carry 64mb of memory, but now days we can see a same size with 16gb or 32gb of memory.

so i apply the same method to make fortune.

the count are basic. u just double up from the previous number.

lets start with with RM1000. this kind of money lots of can achieve less than 1 month. small number but can turn super big if u know how to manage it well.

let me show u how the number growth even though u can count it by yourself.

2013- RM1,000
2023-RM1024,000 (we call this as break point)*

ok that's enough..hahaha i just let it the count end at 1 billion ++.
well in 21 years u can make RM1000 to be RM 1 billion. some people can do faster.
depends on how u invest and time related business.

the first 10 years is the struggle year for me. cause u still young and economy still not stable. to be honest it is quite hard to achieved if u do it alone, the more people u can gather to achieve the 1 million the better the chances. cause u can cut the years to half. 4 people another half. 8 people another half. u guys surely can do the basic maths.

but how the hell u gonna increase 100% from the previous one? up to you to think about that.
100% in a year quite tough. but if u devide in months the growth actually just 8.334% in months.

if you already 1 million cash should be piece of cake for u to make ur 1 billion which need lots of patience and hard work.

for some people this idea must be insane or something. this is my way. I always remind myself to stick to the plan. for sure you can't focus on one business to push ur first 1 billion. that's why i said up to you guys.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

29 Feb

well...tahun ni tahun lompat lagi bagi kite semua...x ada apa2 special pun tahun ni..maybe x ada lg kot...perhaps something special akan jadi..who knows rite? life full of surprise orang kata..

cakap pasal 29 feb yang cuma datang 4 tahun skali buat aku fikir...4 tahun lepas apa jadi...
sgt beza kot life dulu ngan bile fikir2 balik..apa laa plak akan jadi 4 tahun akan datang..
so ada few prediction aku letak...well general prediction je..normal things

1.70% dari kawan aku dah kahwin...which kiteorg dah umur 27 time 2...
2.99% dah abis belajar =) aminn
3.masa lepak maybe x ramai mcm dulu dah...maklum laa ramai dah kahwin
4.sume dah kire hal2 bercerita pun maybe lebih dewasa?
5.time 2 maybe zaman ziarah2 rumah member..maklum laa skang nak ziarah sume dok ngan family lg rite? so mcm segan skit nak lepak lama
6.kewangan masing2 aku assume dah mampu milik rumah or dah mula menyewa...kereta pun masing2 dah mampu milik hasil titik peluh sendiri
7.adik aku dah abis skola..perhaps dah kat university
8.kakak aku yang 2nd pun maybe dah kahwin dan ada 2 org anak kot.
9.ada berlaku kematian pada org yang kite rapat..maybe...4 tahun mcm2 leh jadi woo
10.maybe aku pun x wujud dah utk update blog ni hahahaha

apa pun just prediction je....masa byk ubah benda kot...
people come and go

anyway...perubahan aku harap pada diri aku lagi 4 tahun ialah..
1.Bisnes makin mampu tanggung family dah
2.x ada bangun lambat dah..maybe skali skala je..x ada la mcm skang
3.lebih religious person dari skang..aminnn
4.have someone utk planning masa depan..ehem3.. maksud nyer dah ada gadis sudi trime aku kot? LOL

senang cerita harap semua lebih baik dari sekarang...makin banyak ilmu dan beramal dengan ilmu tersebut

kepada yang berkenaan,
agak2 camne laa lagi 4 tahun eh...wonder if ko dah cukup matang or x =). silap2 x ada apa2 jadi pun =="
but sifu aku suruh fikir as optimism people aku take it positively!

life live to da fullest everyone!

Less Than Three,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Honda Civic 2.0 i-vtec

Hi guys!, im going to blog about car today...just gonna be simple far as u guys know Malaysian have lots of choice in driving they dream car..but which one is the best? well im here to suggest u guys one of the best u can get from market. It's the Honda Civic FD!...well actually this car has been in market like 7 years ago...but still this car at it's best!.The price not really cheap which it will cost u guys about RM115,000 for the 1.8 and RM130,000 for the 2.0..which monthly installment around RM1300. so this car is quite suitable for people who still single or have family and earn around RM4000 and above monthly. Let me tell u some the details that make this car worth for it's value plus giving you the pleasure of driving =). anyway I would be talking about the 2.0 i-vtec version instead of 1.8. the engine has 2000 cc with DOHC with square bore and stroke which 86mmx86mm. with maximum horsepower of 155 at 6500 RPM and max torque of 188nm at 4500 RPM. this car can hit 221km/h! the acceleration is lovely from 0-180 and it start to climbing slowly when u reach 190km/ u going to need longer distance to get to max speed...anyway 180km/h is fair enough for long distance travelling...since it has 2.0 engine the engine only rev at 4200 RPM with top gear for the speed of 180km/h! and the fuel consumption only slightly different from the 1.8 version. with 17 inch sport rim and 215/45 tires the handling absolutely superb! plus this car has VSA,EBD,ABS in order to help u control ur car!.
one of my most favorite part is the interior! well the exterior is decent too but most people didn't give a damn about the interior...but for a very picky person the interior were amazing! the control panel took place very well and somehow honda manage to optimize every single space they have in the car! just by checking the section between front seat is enough to tell about this car! you can put ur drinks,pens,smart tag,small books,sun glasses,hand phone and so on! you going to travel far with this car because of the auto cruise mode! and it's quite easy to set them which u can learn it in 10 seconds or less!. Well about the fuel consumption is not that bad for a 2.0 engine. cause Honda has design this i-vtec to open at 3000-3500 RPM on wards i think. if u keep ur RPM below than that u can smile seeing ur fuel gauge =). full tank for this is 50 liter and base on our national fuel price now RON95 for RM1.90 and RON97 for RM2.7 it will cost you around RM100 for ron95 and RM140++ for ron97. How about the maintenance? well from what i calculate including engine oil,tires,roadtax+insurance and other stuff it will cost u around RM250-RM400 monthly depends on your driving style. so total cost for this monthly include installment+fuel+maintenance it will cost u around RM1800 -RM2000 monthly for this car.

Well honda didn't make perfect car and i bet no one can rite? so the problems that i spotted within this car is the throttle respond, it lag like 0.5 seconds from what u have done..add on with that the brake is too powerful which is good but for smooth driving u need to be super gentle on the brake. Other than that i can't find any problems with the car!. well maybe nearly RM2000 for this car is too much rite? not many people afford to spent RM2000 only for this car...

Anyway this is my review about this car and im planning to buy one of it after the new honda civic get into Malaysia market which i don't think has lots of difference with now days edition. except it much more environmental friendly with that Leaf Button LOL!.

p/s: when u guys own this car don't forget to try the paddle shift mode!