Thursday, December 31, 2009

24 hours ....

Now she not in good usual need sometime for her to calm down...
geeeshh...i really2 hate this part...
cause it's like a perfect pain....

anyway she ask me to do something else within this 24 hours..
at first i cant think anything...then...
Deedat..ya...that was on my mind XD
now watching and study his lecture ^^

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A plain wednesday

plain....too plain...
after subuh..i direct on9 and start my work..
then my sis went home with her family heading back to bukit jalil
really2 miss her(dunno why =p)
talk 2 my dad about the "thing"
dad said tomorrow we going to discuss about it
maybe going to UKM tomorrow..ask for Arep help with my big problem now..
afternoon went the bank and withdraw some cash..(damn forgot bring cheque)==
figure out she have a facebook ==

and at night we have this arguement? IDK what to call it so...maybe misunderstanding?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

back for blogging

hahahahha....yerp im back..
wah lama gile x tulis apa2 kat blog ni...
anyway sebab cuti semester macam busy ngan kerja

x ada apa nak cerita
owh salam maal hijrah(tau terlambat ucap nak ucap gak ngee)