Monday, December 17, 2012

StarCrossed Lover

Wish full thinking, you and I are destiny,
Wish full thinking backfired,
As you and I are star crossed lover..
Loving you is asphixiating
Loved by you is intoxicating

They way you make me feel when im with you
Every kisses,every laughter, oh I miss you
Don't cut me out I just wanna be around

If you trust yourself,you can trust me
I will give you space you need
Just don't tell me to leave
You stole my heart you thief!

Do u feel the burden that I carry within
To be the second and always be hidden
To be the dreams and not real

Heart and mind that couldn't synchronize
One telling it's wrong and such a foul
While the other yearning and burning for more

This forbidden love should not take place
My mind disgrace while my heart embrace

I'll keep on playing the waiting games
Even you are not here with me
Because one day I'll be the place you call home

I wish I have strength to build a tower so tall
Lock my self within without a window at all
So that one day I won't see you around
End to this bonding that never can be bound.

From Mai for him.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

will my heart or will my mind

will my heart or will my mind
spoke the truth for me this time
as i wonder how u doing
cause im not doing fine

I stay at most night
just to keep myself straight
somehow it hurts me bad
just to see u act like nothings going round instead

will my heart or will my mind
win this epic war this time?
it could be wrong but it could be right
to keep on trying so you can be mine

but the fact that I love you
can never be change
as my mind spell out your name
while my heart beating in vain

will my heart or will my mind
shall I listen this time?
seems like it doesn't matter anymore
since I couldn't make you mine.


The moment you know are things i fear in my life
it will change everything onward and everything will never be the same
i should lie to myself just like the other did
cause none of us deserve this

no one taught me i will always get everything i want
but never thought it works for someone i need
someone who there for me at my worst and best
someone i fall in love with

now that you know it makes me wonder will u stay or will u go
cause i know only miracles will save me this time
and im praying at my best it will be now
cause watching u leave are nothing tragedy at it's best
 just like a butterfly in a hurricane

if there's a word to describe this i would already told ya
but i guess human are limited after all
trying my best to be the right person for you
i guess it's impossible to become one yet
maybe not here, maybe not now

i'll do anything to keep you stay
until a man limit will  redefine
stay and you will never regret
leave and i will never forget