Monday, November 15, 2010

Ym =)

okay2...what im about to post this time gonna be simple..

just wanna share with u guys..

sure most of u using YM rite??

and YM got mode where u can invisible from others so u can appear offline

well..there is a link u can check whether ur fren is invisible or offline..

but plzz don't abuse it

the link is here

just type in the YM ID


the yahoo ID is abcd123

thx for viewing ^^

lets show ur appreciation to my post by visiting here and help me ^^


Alia said...

laaa da lamo dah tahu :P

. . . h u s n a . . . said...

ta phm la akem =.="

HEROICzero said...

bende ni boleh buat gado kot. haha~!

HEROICzero said...

oh my! link blog gua dia sudah remove. damn!

Akem 13 said...

bukan pai...ari 2 ada masalah teknikal time desgining back the blog le

HEROICzero said...

bagus, dah ada balik. hahaha!

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