Sunday, October 28, 2012

RM 1 billion to be achieved

Salam and hello to all reader. if i had any actually. haha!

i got this formula to make 1 million ringgit in some time. well to be honest there is no such secret or magic that gonna make it happen. just pure hard work and brain work.

to make it simple lets start the calculation now..
to be honest this is how i set my goal for better living.

actually this concept i learn from how computer engineering people develop the memory of a computer. same size but the capacity of the memory increase through time. few decades ago a pendrive or thumbdrive might only can carry 64mb of memory, but now days we can see a same size with 16gb or 32gb of memory.

so i apply the same method to make fortune.

the count are basic. u just double up from the previous number.

lets start with with RM1000. this kind of money lots of can achieve less than 1 month. small number but can turn super big if u know how to manage it well.

let me show u how the number growth even though u can count it by yourself.

2013- RM1,000
2023-RM1024,000 (we call this as break point)*

ok that's enough..hahaha i just let it the count end at 1 billion ++.
well in 21 years u can make RM1000 to be RM 1 billion. some people can do faster.
depends on how u invest and time related business.

the first 10 years is the struggle year for me. cause u still young and economy still not stable. to be honest it is quite hard to achieved if u do it alone, the more people u can gather to achieve the 1 million the better the chances. cause u can cut the years to half. 4 people another half. 8 people another half. u guys surely can do the basic maths.

but how the hell u gonna increase 100% from the previous one? up to you to think about that.
100% in a year quite tough. but if u devide in months the growth actually just 8.334% in months.

if you already 1 million cash should be piece of cake for u to make ur 1 billion which need lots of patience and hard work.

for some people this idea must be insane or something. this is my way. I always remind myself to stick to the plan. for sure you can't focus on one business to push ur first 1 billion. that's why i said up to you guys.

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