Thursday, December 13, 2012


The moment you know are things i fear in my life
it will change everything onward and everything will never be the same
i should lie to myself just like the other did
cause none of us deserve this

no one taught me i will always get everything i want
but never thought it works for someone i need
someone who there for me at my worst and best
someone i fall in love with

now that you know it makes me wonder will u stay or will u go
cause i know only miracles will save me this time
and im praying at my best it will be now
cause watching u leave are nothing tragedy at it's best
 just like a butterfly in a hurricane

if there's a word to describe this i would already told ya
but i guess human are limited after all
trying my best to be the right person for you
i guess it's impossible to become one yet
maybe not here, maybe not now

i'll do anything to keep you stay
until a man limit will  redefine
stay and you will never regret
leave and i will never forget

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