Friday, May 27, 2011

A Lady's Choice And A Gentleman's Agreement(part 1)

Man: The weather quite nice today
Woman: Do I look like I care?
Man: You should I think cause weather does effect our daily routine im suppose

Woman: So you think you some kind of human expert right now?
Man: Im afraid im not.... just read it in TIMES magazine.

Woman: *stare with annoyed face
Man: So how's your day today?
Woman: Fine..if you don't bother me
Man: Im just trying to have a conversation with you
Woman: You are acting awkward you know
Man: Sorry for that...just trying to get know you better..
Woman: Know me better for what?
Man: So we can be a good friends...
Woman: * Sigh... 
Man: This conversation is a failure rite...
Woman: Are you stupid or worse? duhhhh...
Man: Sorry...
Woman: look boy...I dont really know what you want from me...but IF you try to flirt around with me.. you really not my typed eventually..
Man: ahha...that's what I have been guessing around these years that Im not your typed... at least we both do agree on something...

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