Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Lady's Choice And A Gentleman's Agreement(part 2)

Man:I bought you something
Woman: What is it?and why?
Man:Just something that I randomly buy at the mall..just thought that it will look nice on you..
Woman: A bag?
Man: I hope you like it...
Woman: Im not sure I should accept this present or not...
Man:Just take it....I don't mind if you don't want to use it 
Woman:I don't know it just feel so wrong
Man: Is not that everyday I buy you something.
Woman: That's the problem...you acting awkward
Man: Is it? your feeling d you I think =)
Woman: Maybe it is better you give it to some one  else....
Man:......but I bought it for you not for some one else...
Woman: I insist...
Man: It's your choice and I don't why I shouldn't agree with it..
Woman: OK see ya (walk away)
Man:.....(holding the bag with fake smile)....well at least she touched it...

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