Wednesday, April 20, 2011

miserable run

so as I posted b4..

otw for my healthy life style back..

now I surprisingly reduce my smoking habit @@

like 2 days 1 cigarette compare to 20 per day?

so today I have my test run of 100m with my young cousin anwar...

damn fast this boy...not that fast but fair enough for a football player

the 100m for me it's a total failure...

i finish like 15-16 seconds? LOL

anyway i have jog few round and my hamstring a bit pain

but that can't be a solid reason for u to finish up at 16 seconds rite?

so I'll guess it takes time for my lungs to get clean..

so maybe this morning gonna have another sprint...

my previous record when i was athlete not that good since this is not my class of running 100m
but still below 13 sec

gonna train hard and won't stop until i reach below 11 seconds =)


HEROICzero said...

2 days 1 cigarette?

celaka. baik kau berhenti terus je. macam xde makna pon isap sebatang, 2 hari.

*kirim salam abang kau, k? keh3x

Akem 13 said...

itu purata bro...wakakka

walhal sekali dah isap berbatang2 ler...

mmg one day aku stop ler...maybe jadi social smoker je kot...

nak sprint terasa berat wooo

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