Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Ferrai 458 Italia? when people ask me what kind of car that word


why is it?

well if you guys really know about car than this "women" is totally gonna arouse you!

Anyway not all ferrari are excellent..most of them are shit

only 1/3 of it is excellent beauty and astonishing

For now...F458 Italia is in my heart =)

here picture of it's total beauty...too decent...

well the look not everything for me..

it's the specs that make me "horny"

1.4499 cc yet it produce 562 BHP
2.producing 507 nm of torque
3.only take 3.4 second from 0-100km/h
4.hit 325km/h before you know it
5.has dual clutch
6.the gear shift faster than ur eyes can blink!
7.rev up until 9000RPM
8.has 42 front and 58 back weight ratio
9.A normal v8 with 32 valve

so what so special about the info?
did you guys know a normal engine won't reach 100% efficiency?

ok most of us know Honda Civic rite? the new 2.0 with i-vtec
this is a good car..seriously
2000 cc with 150bhp
so the calculation is horse power/cc
to reach 100% efficiency the engine need to produce 100cc=10hp
so the honda lack of keep up with the 100%
remember that this engine has the Variable valve system!

but F458 is 4499 cc with 560hp..
it's is like 120% efficiency!
this is has no force induction such as turbo charged or supercharged

the car heart beats like HELL!

need to get one of this!

anyway...the shortage of this car is the car can get on fire if u drive too fast on hot weather

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